Sunday, July 26, 2009

Better late than never. Right?.....right??

Hi! My name is Jona (pronounced "John-uh" in case you were having trouble with it!) and I'm full of good intentions. I've been meaning to post here since last fall but here we are and it's almost August! I have a blog called Stop Staring and Start Sewing! where I do lots of sewing and kid wrangling with my 5 offspring (and lately a lot of spray painting!). I own an online fabric store called Fabritopia and that keeps me busy every day.

"Sweet" apron

I've been sewing for almost 30 years but I don't have much experience with quilting. This group sounded like a low stress way to try a few new things with a bunch of fun and talented gals so I had to jump at Beki's invitation. I don't think I let the others know that I was clueless to the mysterious ways of the quilter so hopefully they haven't caught on to me yet.

You can usually find me sewing girls clothes, banners, bags, aprons, etc.... so this quilt dabbling has been lots of fun (and quite a brain stretch).

My creation

Here are my quilt square for my friends so far: Sarah's is the unfinished stack at the top (but you can see what the others have done here at our Flickr group!), and next to that is Kathryn's. Second row is Melissa's and Tracy's. Third row is Jessica's and Beki's. And forth row is Kristena's and Leslie's. Sarah actually lives in the Phoenix area with me so we are going to meet in person to exchange our blocks! I love meeting bloggers in person!

Twelve square so far (july 09)

I finally have my fabric cut out and ready to place in the envelopes (almost 2 months late, sorry!). It was very hard to choose since I'm surrounded by fabrics all day but I narrowed it down to some fun and happy fabrics and the gals can add to them and do whatever they want! My only request is that each block have a piece of printed selvage somewhere in it. I love all the new things being made with selvages so I thought it would be fun to have them in my quilt.

Here's my stack which will be divided and shipped this week. Yay!


I know all the other ladies in the group have been busy sewing and creating (and blogging about it thankfully!) so be sure to visit all of their blogs (listed in the sidebar) to see what sort of goodies they've been working on!! You'll probably end up with some great ideas! Keep on sewing!